The Badger:

The Badger is one of our nocturnal animals, they can be up to a metre in length. Female badgers are a bit smaller. Their body is mainly a dark grey with very distinctive black and white head markings, small white tipped ears.

The Badgers home is known as a Sett, there can be up to twelve adults with their young in one Sett. They are very sociable animals, often playing with their young and grooming each other.

They make their home usually in woods where they dig a hole marked by a mound of soil at the entrance. This burrow leads to a maze of interconnecting tunnels with nests and resting areas, made cozy with grass and leaves from the forest. They are good housekeepers, because they change the grass and leaves often. Their latrine pits are also dug nearby. Their forepaws are powerful with very long claws, enabling them to dig and forage for worms, insects,grubs, small mammals some plants and fruit. They will also eat honey from a bees nest.

Badger: Painting in Pastel  Size: 12 by 10The Badger

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