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Here you can read about the British Wildlife I am inspired to paint:

Hedgehog –

The Hedgehog is still a familiar sight around the British Isles. Conservation specialists encourage gardeners to enable them to travel between gardens and hedgerows in the search of food. Their main diet is made up of - caterpillars, earthworms, beetles and insects....

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  Heron - Grey herons can be seen at any time of year around  freshwater and coastal areas - our grey herons do not migrate.  They have long legs with long thin toes, with three forward-pointing ones and one pointing backward.   They can stand with their neck...

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The Badger

The Badger: The Badger is one of our nocturnal animals, they can be up to a metre in length. Female badgers are a bit smaller. Their body is mainly a dark grey with very distinctive black and white head markings, small white tipped ears. The Badgers home is known as a...

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