Melanie Dawn

Hi a little about me; Melanie Dawn,

I come from a family of art lovers and artists, originally from Hampshire. I now live in Selsey, West Sussex. My lovely Dad  was an art teacher for thirty years in Hampshire at the same school. He is a wonderful artist and still practices painting, drawing and painting techniques.

As I grew up I was often taken to art exhibitions, museums, historic places, as well as theatre and the ballet of which I grew to love with a passion. I enjoyed taking part in dance classes, so much so that later when I completed a two year apprenticeship as a reprographic artist, I had a change of heart and went back to college. I went on to do a two year foundation course in Swindon studying ballet and Contemporary dance which led me on to London to study dance at a school for the performing arts for three years.

As a young girl, I also attended art and craft classes amongst other childhood favourites such as being taken to the seaside or the New Forest. I enjoyed being surrounded by animals and especially valued having lots of pets, my favourite being my English Springer Spaniel ‘Rufus’, who I still think about often.

Growing up training as a dancer I learned so much about the human emotion and how our bodies and facial expressions can tell a story, without so much as a single word being spoken. I believe that both people, and animals can tell us so much with their eyes and body language, and that it is possible to feel another’s pain, fear, loss, anxiety or love, excitement and happiness. Although I enjoy painting and drawing lots of different subjects, my favourites are wild animals, pets and people.

Art has definitely developed into a lifelong fascination for me it constantly frees the spirit, cleanses the soul, challenges you, it makes you look at the world in more detail focusing on mood, feelings, shapes, colour, light and texture. It inspires and fulfils you, so much so that you can even lose yourself in it if you need to on those occasions when you want  escape from life’s more stressful moments. It is constantly evolving and taking you on a journey in its ever-changing fashion. I wouldn’t be without it.

Do come along to one of the craft fairs listed under Events, as I enjoy meeting people and would love to see you there, so come and introduce yourself, and I will show you my latest originals. I hope you are inspired by what you see in my Gallery.

Enjoy the journey!